Monday, 14 December 2015


There might be  few makeup accidents  that you have witnessed be it a messed up eye shadow palette  or a pricey lipstick that your little  niece was playing around with or a dried out eyeliner.So here are a few magical mantras i am going to talk about or more like makeup hacks.

  1.   Dried out  Gel Liner / Cream Eye shadow

Gel Eyeliners are great for those dramatic eye look but the only drawback that all the Gel Eyeliners /Creme Eyeshadows have in common is that they dry out quickly .There are many hacks to  fix a dried out pot ,by just popping it in a microwave for 10 seconds  but i was a bit skeptical about the whole  idea  SO if you have some Gel Eyeliners/ Cream Eyeshadows lying around PLEASE dont throw them away  heres a quick and safest way to fix those dried out pots:

  • STEP 1:  Use a blow dryer with medium setting and hold it close to the  gel liner for about 20-25 seconds  depending on how dry your pot is  (you might want to hold the pot with a cloth or place it on a flat surface as the pot gets  pretty  hot )



  • STEP 2 : After the consistency of the gel liner starts to  get creamy  take a toothpick and mix it well so that the product on the base  also gets heat

  • STEP 3 : Repeat the fist step for about 10 seconds .



 And there you have it  your creamy Gel liner/ Eyeshadow .You can repeat the same process as many times you can  if your pot dries out again .