Monday, 14 December 2015


There might be  few makeup accidents  that you have witnessed be it a messed up eye shadow palette  or a pricey lipstick that your little  niece was playing around with or a dried out eyeliner.So here are a few magical mantras i am going to talk about or more like makeup hacks.

  1.   Dried out  Gel Liner / Cream Eye shadow

Gel Eyeliners are great for those dramatic eye look but the only drawback that all the Gel Eyeliners /Creme Eyeshadows have in common is that they dry out quickly .There are many hacks to  fix a dried out pot ,by just popping it in a microwave for 10 seconds  but i was a bit skeptical about the whole  idea  SO if you have some Gel Eyeliners/ Cream Eyeshadows lying around PLEASE dont throw them away  heres a quick and safest way to fix those dried out pots:

  • STEP 1:  Use a blow dryer with medium setting and hold it close to the  gel liner for about 20-25 seconds  depending on how dry your pot is  (you might want to hold the pot with a cloth or place it on a flat surface as the pot gets  pretty  hot )



  • STEP 2 : After the consistency of the gel liner starts to  get creamy  take a toothpick and mix it well so that the product on the base  also gets heat

  • STEP 3 : Repeat the fist step for about 10 seconds .



 And there you have it  your creamy Gel liner/ Eyeshadow .You can repeat the same process as many times you can  if your pot dries out again .


Wednesday, 2 December 2015



I have been waiting for my bath&bodywork's candles to get empty so that i can stock up more but this dint happen i went a week back and bought yet another candle.There is something about these candles that attract you to them like its calling your name.Its not not my fault that i go with a mindset just to check out the new stuff available in bath&bodyworks but actually end up buying something.The bath&body store is so attractive with all the candles sitting there one on top of the other.I wanted to get a candle this time which was unique ,which i dint have anything like it in my collection and here it was the mango and coconut scent flavour candle.

It smells exactly smells like mango and coconut ice cream,which are my absolute favorite flavors.
The color of the candle is so bright making it a perfect decoration piece in your bedroom.
I love everything about this candle

Has 3 wicks

The packaging is adorable



Friday, 25 September 2015

Celebrate Splendidness, Gift Home Décor this Diwali

On Diwali, it is always auspicious to give and receive season’s greetings. This festival is accompanied by gifting sweets and other munchies to your loved ones. But these have become quite a stereotypical gift for Diwali. This year gift something offbeat yet beautiful to the ones you love. On these lines, there is nothing better than gifting home décor merchandise that will add splendor to the homes of people you treasure.
This festive season, many online shopping portalshave launched splendid embellishments for gifting. Here are a few embellishments that make a great for Diwali:

           Since Diwali is a festival of lights, gifting decorative candlesgoes great with the overall mood of the festival. If you want to add more to this gift, you can also present a candle holder along with a lot of well wishes.

              Many people make little renovations here and there during Diwali. You can gift them beautiful wall stickersthat can enhance the renovations that they may have made.


                        It is also a nice idea to gift vibrant cushions and throwson Diwali. Choose the ones which have beautiful embroidery and come in bright yet basic colors that can match every kind of furnishing.

Gift season’s greetings with all the splendidness intact. 


Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Lip balm is a absolute must have" cause those chapped lips are just not cool".I have no count on the amount of lip balms I own FOR REAL .There's always a lip balm in  my sling bags its like that moment when you put your hand in your bag and wonder "wait is this mine when did I buy that " .

when the whole eos lip balm  craze began  I knew I was in for a treat.The one thing that drew me towards it  is for obvious reason  'its dome shaped'

  • The balm is clear  on the lips with a subtle fruity scent and let me just tell you it  tastes yummy  
  • The packaging is  quite different from most of the lip balms  its made of rubber with a grip on the side and it is the perfect size to shove in your pocket n purse. 
  •   Its weird how such a  small little lip balm could lasts for  such a long time .
  •   Its not glossy like other chapsticks  
 Its one of those products wen you pull it out in from your bag in college  and  rub it on your lips n your best friends like " omg waaattt is that thing" and snatches it . It would definitely come under my Top 5 favorite lip balms  Hence i would give it 4/5 stars  

Saturday, 29 August 2015

REVIEW ON SEPHORA Base lissante Smoothing primer

I am new to the whole primer game,never to late i did my research on the best primers available for girls with dry skin and i decided to buy the Sephora smoothing primer.This primer not only blurs the appearance of pores but also hydrates your skin making it almost dewy.I had a sample of this and it worked great for me so i had to purchase the full size of it.

                                               This primer comes in the form of a pump

   This pump is very convenient to use and pumps how much ever product you want more or less

              As you can see from the above picture what i mean

The product is transparent 

It comes with a lid

The bottle is small and cute and very handy to carry around

WEIGHT :15 ml
COLOR: Transparent
TEXTURE:Very smooth
PRICE:I actually don't remember the price but it is on a very reasonable price range like 60-80 Sr

VERDICT:If you have dry skin and searching for a primer then i would highly recommend this.

Thursday, 11 June 2015



THE SEPHORA BEAUTY BLENDER  Is by far the best invention made in the beauty world.Days have gone when you use to apply foundation with a brush it use to take allot more time than the beauty blender and make the application a bit streaky.The beauty blender gives the most natural finish and make the task so easy,well you must have heard thousands of girls saying this but it is actually true you have to try it to believe it.I wanted to get my hands on this since a long time and i went to almost all the Sephora stores here in Jeddah and it was sold our everywhere so i waited and then a new Sephora branch opened it Tahliya street which was the biggest Sephora and i ran the next day to grab it and yes my friends i found it and believe me it is worth every penny.


When i first looked at the beauty blender i was like its so cute,it actually is small and pink in color and i was thinking for a second that will this actually increase in size after running in water and yes my friends in grew and grew bigger and became thrice the size .


When you first touch it,its just like a normal sponge not very soft not very hard,but once you soak it in water it becomes big and much softer.

The beauty blender comes with a small manual which gives you the details as to how your suppose to use it and how your suppose to dry it and store it.




The technology of this beauty blender is such that that when you run the beauty blender under water it absorbs the water and becomes big and then your suppose to squeeze the excess water and use it.
The beauty blender does not absorb any foundation when using it which saves you quite allot of your foundation

I just put some foundation on the back of my hand and dab the beauty blender in the foundation .
Then dab the beauty blender on my face 


When i equally distribute the product on my face in then gently dab it working on each section  and am done.


In my opinion i have never seen a more flawless finish of the foundation when i use the beauty blender.It takes less time and saves a lot of product too.So go and grab the beauty blender its totally worth the hype