Saturday, 9 May 2015

Macadamia Deep repair masque REVIEW

 Deep conditioning is the key to getting healthy hair .Deep conditioner is the answer to all the hair problems be it split end or undernourished hair your hair feels so soft and healthy its like  THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS your hair needs nourishment just like the other parts of your body 
The product i'm going to review is probably one that you've seen a lot on YouTube There are many people who rave about this product and swear by it .This product works amazing for damaged hair due to heat or damage by dye ,undernourished 

     The texture is thick and creamy,at first i did not expect it to be this thick 

  •  I don't really like the packaging as its in a tub I wish it was in a bottle form or with a pump as you would have to use your hand to scoop the product                                         
  • Its a bit on the costly side for the quantity but never the less it works wonders .

  •  I absolutely love the smell it smells tropical . 
  • I have dry hair and it really helped to smooth it out and it feels like heaven. This stuff lasts you forever, and this definitely changed my hair  .If you don't damage  your hair with heat ,the ends of your hair still dry out 
    WOULD I RECOMMEND IT ? :Absolutely I cannot recommend this enough it is pricey since it works wonders 5/5 stars

 COST : SR 105 /8.50oz