Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I have been thinking for a while to buy this primer but first i wanted to try it before i buy the full size.I went to SEPHORA  here in Jeddah and they were king enough to give me a sample .I have been testing this product out and am absolutely in love with it.For those out there who think that a primer does not make ant difference you are wrong it make the wildest difference.


1 I have dry skin so this primer is perfect for me as it hides away the dry patches

2 The Smashbox photo finish primer makes your skin so smooth that its hard to imagine

3 The Smashbox photo finish primer makes your skin a smooth canvas for your foundation by filling in any wrinkles and pores

4 The Smashbox photo finishprimer does not have a color so its suitable for all skins

5 The Smashbox photo finishprimer increases the staying power of your foundation 

VERDICT:I am going to buy the full size of this product because its the best primer out there.