Saturday, 17 March 2012


Have a bad hair day? You have school in 10 minutes! You don't have time to take a shower and straighten your hair! Here is how to fix that bed head! This is for girls!

1) Brush your hair:

2) Use the right brushes for your hair:
Don't use brushes for your hair (or a comb) that is goning to 'hurt' your hair. The best thing to do is brush slowly and even better when your hair is dry. Don't start brushing like an idiot when you just came out of the shower and washed your hair.

3 )Grab some dry shampoo: If your hair is limp due to product overload or just an overactive scalp and there’s no time for a shampoo, refresh your style with a dry shampoo.

4) Apply some shine gloss/syrum on your hair to make it shiny:

5) If your hair is naturally straight, you should be done: Just brush

6 )Throw on a chic hair accessory: So raise your hands if you not only thought turbans were quite fashionable, but also had an inner cheer because you knew it would be the one thing that would dry your tears on days when you just couldn’t get your hair just right. Hair accessories are getting more and more elaborate and fashionable by the second so throw one on

7)Create a messy bun or updo: Thankfully hairstyles aren’t as structured as they used to be (remember the French roll or finger waves?) so a little mess actually looks best. Throw in a couple of hair pins and be on your way.

8) Work with it:Whatever drama your hair is bringing you, embrace it and walk out the door with your head held high.

9) If not, you can just put your hair in a ponytail. Or you can put it in a cute bun! Be creative!

10 You can also put your hair in one big braid