Friday, 16 March 2012



This is one product I swear by, I have used every type of Kajal from Maybelline Clossal to Lotus but none of them match to the awesomeness of Hashmi Kajal. This Kajal finds a loyal fan in Vidya Balan and that's the reason her eyes look great everytime.

WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS: A creamy formula for your eyes which applies easily and smoothly.It is easily applied via high definition applicator to attain a precision point across your eyelids. It better shapes and defines your eyelids. It harmoniously blends to supple your eyelids a vivid, tender and sheer look. The applicator glides on smoothly without any flakes and dripping.
INGREDIENTS: Zinc Oxide Waxes Processed Carbon Black, Herbs, Clarified Butter, Cinnamomum Camphora.

  • Cheap,Cheap,Cheap!!!
  • Lasts for Ages
  • No Lead Content
  • Easily Available
  • Highly Pigmented Dark Kajal
  • Does not smudge and make you look like a raccoon
  • Does not irritate eyes.

  • The packaging is kinda cheap, can easily break.
  • Especially the Stick Hashmi Kajal packaging is very cheap, the cap breaks after first use and the kajal stick dries down in few days.

MY VERDICT: This is the best Kajal I have ever used, HASHMI kajal is a life saver for me, I can vouch for it. It provides the best kohld look for my eyes, does not smudge and doesnt clump either, it glides smoothly and gives a dark black pigmented look to my eyes. I would highly recommend you to go for the Hashmi Kajal tube and not the stick and it would last you for ages.
QTY: 4.5g
PRICE: Rs.34