Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sunsilk refreshing dry shampoo

I was seeing all these beauty gurus raving about different dry shampoos on the social media.This was like a revolution in the industry.For me this was a new concept as it says if you are in a rush and wanted grease to go from your hair then you can spray the dry shampoo on your hair instead of washing it.I wasn't convinced with the concept and wanted to give it a go for my curiosity .The other day i had picked this Sunsilk refreshing dry shampoo and was excited to it it a go.So here goes my review on the product

My hair texture:
I have curly and slightly dry hair so for me my scalp gets hardly greasy.

The refreshing dry shampoo review:

SMELL:smell fresh but not overpowering

TEXTURE:It doesn't have any color and looks like water but evaporates ones you spray on your hair and dries instantly absorbing oil.


Its a solid steel container that comes in a spray form and is easy to use.


The back of the product says all about it how to use it with steps.
Here are the steps

STEP 1:Shake can,part your hair and spray from 20-30 cm from the root,where hair is mostly oil.
STEP 2:Massage with fingers all over roots evenly to absorb oil and wait 1 minute.
STEP 3:Brush out and style as usual

My take on Sunsilk refreshing dry shampoo:
I have dry hair so i have very less oil in my hair when i sprayed it ,it worked fine but i am not use for the girls who have extremely oily hair i don't think this product would work as i have tried it on a person who has extremely oily hair.