Monday, 23 March 2015

Macadamia healing oil spray

This product is one of the most raved product ,well its raved for a reason it is by far the best hair oil for damaged hair.It tames down your hair by reducing the frizz and making it shiny.

About Macadamia healing oil spray
This oil is non greasy
It has has a very faint smell
One or two pumps is enough for the entire hair
The oil can be used on damp and dry hair
This oil reduces fizz in the hair
It gives a healthy shine to the hair
Can be used before applying heat to the hair or after when straightening 

How i like to use it
I have curly hair so after having a shower i let my hair air dry for a while and the take a pump or two of this oil in my palm i equally distribute this product on the entire hair but maily on the ends and leave it on

The packaging
The 60 ml bottle is like a spray which you have to press the pump to get the product out of the bottle.The product comes out in a mist form which make it to equally distribute in your hair

                                           The product:

The product has a very faint smell which is not overpowering and its opaque and non greasy