Monday, 16 June 2014

Bath and Body sale!

Hello to all my page viewers!Am so excited to let you all know that there is a big sale at bath and body works.I have been enjoying all the products that i have purchased from bath and body works during the sale.I will be reviewing all one by one.
When i saw the sale sign on the bath and body i coudnt help my self but run to the shop and i wasn't dissapointed. I must say everything smelled so good that i coudnt stop myself from purchasing some item.The sale was amazing the prices were marked down to half and more.So here i am reviewing the products one by one hope it helps you.enjoy.

                 PARIS Amour Body Butter


  • The pink and white contrast  is very attractive and girly
  • The container is made up of plastic which makes it very sturdy

The scent

  • This body butter has a very unique scent; it is sweet but not flowery.
  • This scent stays on the body for a very long time or should I say till you wash it off.
  • This scent is strong but not overpowering.
  • Once you open the lid the smell catches your nose instantly.
  • This scent is very sensual as it contains the mix of french tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne.

The texture

The body butter has a thick creamy consistency

In-spite of the thick consistency it absorbs easily into the skin.

The feel

This body butter leaves a very dewy effect on the skin

It makes the skin so soft and lustrous
This body butter makes you get rid of the dry patches on the skin when applies regularly (results can be seen within a week).

This body butter gets deep into the skin as it is infused with Shea butter which intensely hydrates the skin