Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to get long hair

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Am a fan of long hair and I use to wonder that why my hair never use to grow and then I researched and found out some simple tips which helped me in growing my hair and I want to share it with all you people so here it goes.
There are 10 simple tips that you need to follow to get long hair I hope it will help you.
1 Water:
Well water is the most essential part of growing your hair as your body, skin and hair needs water. You should keep hydrating your hair and drink water throughout the day .Your hair is going to grow faster longer and healthier by drinking more water.

2 Deep conditioning
Deep conditioning is a must to nourish your hair and its lets the conditioner to seep in through its roots and nourish it from inside to help stimulate the growth of hair.

3 Oiling your hair
Moms are always right when it comes to oiling your hair, they always use to tell to oil your hair for growth but then we...Hmm most often use to ignore it and as its already proven that oiling your hair every other day is an excellent idea as it’s a main building block of growing your hair.

4 Washing your hair every other day
Washing your hair everyday is not a very good idea as it will your hair need its natural oils and washing everyday will make your hair dry so washing your hair every other day is a good idea to get long hair.

5 Hair mask
Hair mask is probably the best thing your can do to nourish your hair and make your hair healthier as healthier hair grows faster.

6 Trimming your hair once in 3 months
Trimming your hair every 3 months is a good idea as the damaged or old hair should be trimmed to enhance the process of hair growth.

7 Massaging your hair for at least 10 minutes for blood circulation              

Massaging your hair is the key for long hair as massaging your hair helps to increase the circulation and helps to stimulate the cell which helps in the growth of hair.

8 Heat is a big no

Heat will only damage your hair and it will make your hair rough and dry.

9 Protein intakes
As your body needs protein even your hair needs protein as protein acts like a food to the hair.

10 Relax don’t take stress
The last tip is to relax and take less stress as it will lead to hair fall. So try doing yoga for relaxation.