Monday, 5 March 2012

Toni & Guy Iron It Heat Defence Spray Reviews

Toni & Guy Iron It Heat Defence Spray Reviews

Description:Brand: Toni & Guy / Hair Care Type: / A light spray to protect against heat damage.

I thought that this product was really good. It made my hair feel soft and not frizzy after using my straighteners. I thought the spray smelt great too

What is it?
This is a heat defence spray for use with hair straightners, curlers, crimpers basically every kind of heat styling tool you can think of. It is designed to protect hair against the damage that heat styling can do to it. It also conditions hair and is suppost to give a natural shine.

How I used it:
I firstly section my hair lifting the top layer first with a hair clip I them spray on the spray on the hair which is out of the clips and then use my straightners to straighten my hair. Its no use just straightening the top layer of hair if you really want a smooth look and I find sectioning is the best way to get that straight look. Once one section is done I release some more hair and then repeat the process.

What I thought ....Anyway once my hair was done it did look shiny and smooth and thats why i love this product and it dint make my hair frizzy.
Summary: Its a heat defence spray

Quantity:50ml(as i dont use alot of heat on my hair so this bottle lasted a year for me)


Only con:Bit costly