Sunday, 26 February 2012



To begin, simply spritz the hair with the water bottle so that the hair is slightly damp, gently finger-combing the water through the hair. {If the hair is too wet, then it will not hold the curls.} Proceed next by separating out small sections of hair and roll the section of your hair by your fingers and pin it up by a hair pin or two until it is secure to your head and keep doing this, until you reach the back of the head after all the sections of hair is compleated wrap a scarf around your hair and go to sleep...: )

The key is to sleep on this hairstyle overnight until you are ready to take it out. You may choose to wear a silk scarf over the hair to keep it from falling out while you sleep.

RESULTS:The next morning, gently unwind the strands of hair from the headband. You should end up with large, voluminous curls in the lower sections of the strands, and you can style the hair as you wish in all sorts of combinations. We made this a half-up/half-down hairstyle by forming an upper ponytail with some of the hair, and then gently bobby pinning the curls back into the ponytail holder.
Again, this is a fun hairstyle for girls of all ages. It is so easy to do and you never have to touch a curling iron! Enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, water bottle, hair pins and a scarf

Time Requirement: 5 minutes (night before), 2 minutes (morning after)